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Welcome To Your HSA Custodian Website

National Advisors Trust is proud to offer you a Health Savings Account through HSAToday®, the nation’s most service-driven HSA solution.

As you are probably aware, HSA funds must be held by an authorized Trustee or Custodian. National Advisors Trust is honored to serve you in that role. In searching for the most feature-rich and service-driven HSA program in the country, we were pleased to discover the HSAToday® platform.

We are a community focused bank and pride ourselves on providing friendly, professional service to our business and personal customers. We believe that we are partners with our customers, helping to ensure your financial success.

The mission of National Advisors Trust Company, FSB, is clear:

To provide a comprehensive selection of trust and custodial services,
with its hallmarks being Service, Security, and Trust.

With National Advisors Trust, you maintain the relationship you have with your Plan Service Provider while benefiting from the service of a federally chartered trust company. You can be assured you will receive personal service, attention to detail, and the highest standards of professional excellence from National Advisors Trust.

We look forward to working with your Plan Service Provider to provide you HSA services that go beyond a simple bank account and put you in control of your health care choices.

For more information on National Advisors Trust, visit the website at http://www.nationaladvisorstrust.com/. If you have questions regarding HSAs email support@myhsatoday.com.


HSAToday® Account Owner’s Disclosure

Earnings Rate Schedule*
Effective January 1, 2014

Daily Balance Today's Rates
$25000 or higher 0.500%
$15000 to 24999.99 0.425%
$10000 to 14999.99 0.325%
$5000 to 9999.99 0.200%
$2500 to 4999.99 0.100%
$500 to 2499.99 0.050%
$0 to 499.99** 0.000%

*Interest rates are subject to change, at our discretion, at any time.
*Account Fees may reduce earnings.
** The first $500 does not earn interest.

HSAToday™ deposit account offered by National Advisor Trust Company, FSB, through Centennial Bank, Member FDIC
HSAToday™ Savings Account is insured by FDIC.
HSAToday™ Investment Account not guaranteed by Custodian or insured by FDIC. May lose value.

For more details regarding the general terms and conditions that apply to your HSA, please see the Custodial Account Agreement and Disclosures for Health Savings Accounts.

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For detailed HSA info, Rules & Regulations visit www.hsa223.com

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